Ride N' Glide

Horseback Riding & Ziplining
Yellowstone River Paddle & Saddle

Yellowstone River Horseback & Zipline EcoTour

Adult: $105 | Child (Ages 6-12): $100 | Ages: 6+
Combine our Zipline EcoTour with 3 zips and 2 adventure elements, and a 2 hour horseback ride on a 1700 acre historic ranch north of Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone River Paddle, Saddle & Ridge Zip

Yellowstone River Paddle, Saddle & EcoTour Zip

Adult: $159 | Child (Ages 6-12): $149 | Ages: 6+
This package is a combination of our EcoTour Zip Tour, followed by a two hour horseback ride on the historic Stermitz Ranch. Finish the day with a half day raft trip on the Yellowstone River